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Spot Power 230 Synergic Code 610

As we take complete care of the products that we offer, we make excellent arrangements for their storage as well. Thus, there are minimal chances of damage at buyer's end. Our comprehensive range of products is packed in sturdy, safe, and industrial grade materials that safeguard the contents inside from harm, dampness, dust, movement etc. Besides, the packing has printed product information.


Standard Equipment :

  • Torch universal connector
  • Gun with slide hammer with electrodes (1 spotting, 1 x shrinking)
  • 2 cables
  • 1 quick earth electrode
  • 1 consumables box


Weight 32 Kg
Peak Amps 2800 kA
Voltage 230 V
Max Stream 3800 kA

Technical Specifications

Sec. short circuit current KA 3800
Sec. max welding current KA 2800
Secondary voltage V 7,4
Single-phase power voltage V 230
Nominal frequency HZ 50/60
Delayed fuses A 16
Safety thermostat on cable connectors oC 70
Length and cross section of torch cable mm/mmq 2000/70
Length and cross section of earth lead mm/mmq 2000/70
Spot Power 230 dimensions mm 225x360x235
Weight Kg 23