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Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

Carwash is a machine designed for the care and cleaning of car interiors. The power of steam, hot air and a wide range of accessories allow a complete treatment of the car’s surfaces. The vapor is effective to clean and brighten seats, leather upholstery and treat the most difficult places to reach. The jet of hot water detergent dissolves the stubborn dirt. The nebulization by hot air of the detergent, lets have a save of at least 50% of detergent, because the product penetrates better in the fibers of the fabric and does not wet the sponge inside the seat. A powerful 3-stage vacuum motor allows the collection of the wet and dry dirt, which will settle in the integrated steel keg. The hot air jet guarantees a perfect drying of the seats and the floor of the car.


With carwash ozone you can : renew and sterilize leather and fabrics thanks to the combined emission of steamwater and the simultaneous aspiration; remove stubborn dirt, pet hair and eliminate the chewing-gum; reach the more difficult spaces, wash and dry perfectly the windows; thanks to the steam, the hood of the vehicle is perfectly cleaned without causing structural failure like the detachment of the upholstery; dry the floor and the seats in only 20 minutes; thanks to the special tool working with ozone is possible to eradicate germs and bacteria from the air vent of the passenger compartment!!

Features : boiler automatically refilled; steam and hot water jet adjustable; solid and liquid aspiration; combined supply of steamwater and simultaneous suction; water jet at 40°; nebulization of detergent with hot air at 50 °; hot air jet at 50°; purify the passenger compartment with the ozone.

Data Sheet :

  • Power Supply - 220-240 v (380 v, 3-phase version also available)
  • Boiler Capacity - 3,5 lt boiler power 3000 w


Car Washing Machine ozone

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