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Mobile Elevator Spider Rolling Lift

Owing to our capacity of meeting the exact requirements of the clients, we are supplying quality Mobile Elevator Spider Rolling Lift. With the assistance of our experts, we have become capable of providing superior-grade products to the clients as we source the raw materials only from dependable vendors.


Spider Rolling Lift

  • The unique elevator which allows the end user to move the vehicle together with the lift all around the work-shop.
  • Thanks to a double effect powering system and four pivoting wheels, easily assembled to the lift arms, the operator can shift the car placed on the lift to the different working areas of the body-shop.


  • hydro-pneumatic operated
  • Air entrance pressure - 8-10 bar
  • Capacity - 3 ton
  • Max height - 922 mm
  • Minimum height - 100 mm
  • Table width 762 mm
  • Structure weight - 350 kg.




Altezza max 992 mm, min 100mm
Larghezza 762 mm
Weight 350 Kg
Load Capacity 3000 Kg
Working pressure (bar) 8-10 bar