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Hydro Pneumatic Double Lift

We have outstanding in-house facilities in Massa(Italy) and thus, we deliver massive array of products. We have efficiently utilized our storehouse space in the most efficient way as we have segregated units to keep the products sorted for quick and urgent deliveries.


Hydro-Pneumatic Lift 'DOUBLE LIFT' from Albatros Italy

  • Revolutionary mobile lift with two independent frames that slide under each side of the vehicle.
  • Due to the wheels underneath, it can be positioned perfectly beneath the car. The reduced weight also allows easy movement from one side of the workshop to another. It is the ideal lift for tight environments, where you have to be able to work without any obstacles that will block the job. And at the end of the day, the two ramps can be taken under the arm and placed to the side, without any problem.
  • The functioning is thorugh a hydro-pneumatic pump with an automatic remote release safety system.
  • The tool is a MUST for every workshop, bodyshop or mechanics.
  • It is also the best for any doityourself man who wants to do its own mechnical garage.


Weight 95 kg
Load Capacity 2.500 Kg
Length (mm) 1.800 mm
Min Height 85 mm
Max Height 455 mm
Max lifting point spread 1.500 mm
Min lifting point spread 800 mm