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Easy Ductor 1kw

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We are working with a pool of professionals who are diligent at their work and make sure that the offered lot is packed in high quality material and timely dispatched. Based in Massa(Italy), we hold specialization in offering quality products that are the perfect outcome of premium material and modern manufacturing techniques.


Details :

  • Inductor 1 Kw is a machine for heating ferrous materials compact for everyday works
  • The heat is created directly within the metal and it brings to red-hot very fast.
  • Lack of fire allows the operator to work close to cables, pipes or other heat-sensitive parts.
    Oxygen flames lead the metal surface temperature to 3,000 degrees with inevitable change in the characteristics of the metal, induction heating instead generates the heat only in the applied point.
  • Easy Ductor 1Kw coils do not get burnt through a very functional "cooling system" due to the external generator with a strong heat dissipation plate
    A beeper alerts the operator when Easy Ductor is on use. A "no stop" efficient use


Practical and useful applications of the inductor

  • Removal Absorber
  • Application on brake pipes
  • Removing suspension
  • Straightening or bending springs
  • Straightening rigid axles
  • Chassis straightening
  • Straightening drive shafts
  • Straightening rods
  • Removing cast posts
  • Preheating for welding
  • Unlock bolts<
  • Unlock wheel bolts
  • Unlock silencers
  • Unlocking the Lambda sensor
  • Unlock spherical joints
  • Removing paints
  • Straightening sheets
  • Strenghtening steels


Altezza 35 cm
Larghezza 25 cm
Profondità 15 cm
Weight 6 Kg
Voltage 220 V
Power 1 KW
Frequency 16 Amp